Arch Support Orthopedic Sandals Women Ultra Comfort (Black) Everhealth

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Arch Support Orthopedic Sandals Women Ultra Comfort (Black) Everhealth


Arch Support Orthopedic Sandals Women Ultra Comfort (Black) Everhealth

Order your Everhealth Arch Support Sandals today to find out why podiatrist recommend them. Built-in orthotic supports have proven effective in helping to relieve plantar fasciitis heel pain and multiple foot problems. Wear them and you will immediately feel the difference!

  • PODIATRIST RECOMMENDED: Everhealth Technology helps promote proper foot alignment. The built-in orthotic supports have shown to be effective in helping to treat heel pain and multiple foot problems.
  • WORKS FOR ALL ARCH TYPES: Whether you have a high arch (under pronation), medium arch (neutral pronation) or flat feet (overpronation), you are able to feel extra comfort while wearing this Everhealth Orthotic Arch Support Sandal due to the soft cushioning. Wear them and you’ll immediately feel the difference.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT AND LONG-LASTING: We use the superb material (light rubber synthetic outsoles and EVA foam midsoles) to make sure that you not only have long-lasting performance and comfort but better overall foot care during your daily walking.
  • ARCH SUPPORT for ALL-DAY WALKING: Feel all-day relief with its ergonomic and biomechanical design that supports your foot with its shape, allowing you to walk with less strain on your foot. Long-term use can also help to correct poor posture.
  • GREAT CHOICE for WARM WEATHER & CASUAL ACTIVITIES: Everhealth Orthotic Sandal is stylish and trendy, yet the extra support allows you to enjoy long walks in the park or your neighborhood; treks back and for to the beach or for sightseeing or simply relaxing by the pool.

Everhealth – The Expert of Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet Care
Everhealth is the inventor, patent holder, and manufacturer of Everhealth Orthotic Arch Support Sandals. Everhealth is a young foot care company dedicated to making  “Value & Quality” sandals/insoles/ foot care accessories.
Everhealth foot care products are designed and manufactured by consulting podiatrist (foot expert) so that you enjoy better support for your feet and your most comfortable walking experience.

Everhealth Orthotic Sandal Features:
Flexible, lightweight, durable rubber for the added traction to keep your stability in high-speed walking
Unique curve design, soft EVA midsole for shock absorption that feels like you are walking on air, an uneven/curved surface creates a healthy climate around the foot
Water-resistant synthetic straps with ultra soft, quick-drying knit lining and a soft nylon toe post; breathable and durable materials built for in and around water

The benefits of this orthopedic flip-flop below, not only relieve common foot pain but also help to correct poor posture.
Help the Common Symptoms & Conditions — Relieve common foot pain
Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendonitis
Sore heel/arch
Arch pain
Heel spurs/pain
Tired, achy feet
Hallux valgus
Hammer/claw toe
Morton’s neuroma
Swollen foot
Diabetic foot

Help Your Posture — Correcting poor gait and presenting a graceful posture
Flat feet
Knock knees
High arch

Give Feet a Chance. Give them Everhealth.  Order now.

Tips: It may take a little time to get used to these, but after a week or so of regular wear, your feet will thank you!