Plantar Fasciitis Splints

Our goal is to offer you an optimal selection of plantar fasciitis support thus providing the best shopping experience online and the most expedient relief to your pain.

Although we share the need for relief and find that relief by using quality plantar fasciitis supports, each of us differs in physicality and gait. What cradles our feet perfectly may not cradle yours in quite the same way. therefore, providing you with multiple brands options is critical as each manufacturer focuses on different design and construction features. strives to offer you the most user-friendly, stress-free online shopping experience. We pride ourselves in being able to provide insightful guidance and suggestions that will allow you the freedom of mobility without pain.

Our own experience of suffering decades of purchasing plantar fasciitis supports that did not quite meet our needs has driven us to make it our business to gather and offer these options to you because we care! If we did not feel passionate about this and realize how seriously plantar fasciitis foot pain impacts your lifestyle and mood we would not dedicate our time to researching relief.  Promoting products is not our primary concern, but assisting you along the path of regaining your quality of life is our primary concern! Helping you realize you can enjoy dates with your significant other, outdoor play with your children or grandchildren, or even just enduring a full day of work with significantly less pain – brings us satisfaction and joy!

Be it your favorite socks for your morning walk or the most comfortable night splint to cradle your feet at night, we want to provide just what you need, again and again. We have your socks, sleeves, shoes and so much more here at your one-stop shop –

If you are still reading, we know you share our passion and have endured as long, if not longer, than we did. We are glad to join you on this journey and hope to provide the support you need – both with physical relief of the perfect combination of plantar fasciitis support accessories or a listening ear. Please share your triumphs, requests, and concerns – drop us a line here.