Plantar Fasciitis Heel Cushions & Cups

Thank you for letting be your first line of defense in the fight against agonizing foot pain. We are certain that you would agree that a proper fitting orthotic will provide a deep heel cushion & cup that hugs your heel and gives you the cushioned stability to absorb shock, thus reducing your heel pain.

Because of our own sufferings with plantar fasciitis foot pain, we aim to be your first line of relief for plantar fasciitis heel cushions & cups. We know that good heel cushions provide extra shock absorption in the heel area; they help absorb the shock of heel strike in walking and running.  Most heel pads are generally constructed of polyvinyl chloride, silicone, leather, polyethylene foams, and thermoplastics. Soft heel cups cushion and contain the fat pad. They are effective for plantar calcaneal bursitis or plantar heel spur syndrome. Well designed plantar fasciitis heel cushions & cups for your heels will give you both shock absorption and support. Other options have a silicone heel cushion built-in designed to disperse weight evenly and alleviate uneven pressure; these are helpful in shifting pressure to the forefoot, making for a balanced gait and ultimately more pain relief.

We have experienced satisfaction with a variety of heel cushions/lifts and cups and are pleased to offer them to you  with our:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Exceptional quality
  • Fast shipping

As fellow patients, we look for the same features in the heel cushions and cups we offer to you – our loyal customers, that we would expect for ourselves. With our variety of heel supports, you will find the design features needed to meet your specific needs, be it reinforcement to support flat feet, optimized shock absorption and cushioning, deep heel cradle, heel protecting the foam, memory foam or gel pockets.

We look forward to fulfilling your order today with free shipping!